Sunday, 15 December 2013

boots are good for kicking your enemies

You probably already know I sort of exist - I'm the second author of this blog who haven't written anything here yet. Hi guys, I'm Mari. 

*i wish a had a normal pic to introduce myself but sorry guys, that's my usual december state*

So, let's cut the meeting crap - I'm showing you some of my boots today.

Look, let me just say it - I have problems with Internet shopping, cause it seems like I had a sleepwalking shopping session on Amazon last Thursday. The boots I accidentally (or not) ordered are okay (if you can call the boots with near 15 cm sole "okay"). Nothing special though my mum freaked out a little when I told her I'm wearing them to school tomorrow. I call them "oh hey I kinda feel hardcore today so back off" boots. 

T.      These sweeties took 50 dollars out of my pocket the way I didn't even seem to notice, but believe me, it's worth it.  Plus they make my legs look skinnier (calm down, I am body positive, but whatever).

   Creepers. Nothing more, nothing less, they are good for routine wearing, they go both with fluffy skirts and jeans and actually everything else.  Mine are velvet, near 30-35 dollars, Demonia. You can simply order something like that on Urban Outfitters, they often have sales, or Amazon of course. 
    And yes! I always wear them with weird socks - like socks with eyeballs or dead ducks. Never mind.


   Dr Martens, old habits die hard. Classics though ordinary models are a little boring. Personally I am deeply in love with flower option which I am lucky to own. ( it doesn't prevent me to look at black Martens and weep quietly).

 get yourself prepared for drama -
these are boots I don't own but dream about every night while watching old  seasons of America's Next Top Model: 

 (yes. men's boots count)
In conclusion I wanted to say something inspiring about boots and stuff, but well... I'd love to see your own pics of boots, the crazier the better, I guess Iga (hey girl, you're awesome) wouldn't mind as well.
See ya.
P.S. I'm having kind of a photoshoot with me and my body and my friend with a camera on Wednesday - so I will post some random photos of those first hardcore babies again.