Saturday, 1 March 2014

something dies when you grow older

This year somehow I feel much more spring-inspired than I used to, probably that's all today's sunshine's power, yay freckles. Nothing ever changes but the date, and we already can feel new beginnings in the air (um sorry those whose weather is crap). 
I'm always the one who runs around on the first of March and shouts with excitement like "get up you sleepy heads, let's damn have fun okay" and nothing happens. If you're the sleepy one, let the music help you, its power is undeniable. 
And yeah, don't care if that's shallow - clothes make our mood.
My spring thing is usually something plain and free-going and Doc Martens to fight with dirty pavements. White T-shirt is a total best friend. 
Spring is perfume(hello my allergy mates),I love anything minty like a toothpaste.
flower crowns (cliché and so what), lace collars, cat eye makeup, woolen legwarmers, your brother's football hoodies, drape coats right from English province or the one aka Alex Turner's "bought it in zara it was 70% sale" coat with big buttons

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