Thursday, 8 May 2014

postcards from Crete

As you may know I have been to Crete recently and I had the best time there.
Firstly, it was warm. (!) I MEAN C'MON SHORTS. Showing off legs for the first time this year - yaass, this is what I needed.
Secondly, the landscape is beautiful. Just imagine this (I'll get a little dreamy now, so consider yourself warned):
The island mostly consits of hills and amazing beaches and everything, literally, is so wild. When you drive a little deeper into the island, you get this: winding, empty one-car roads leading to an actual nowhere. Well, if you wanna call "completely wild, deserted meadows on the hills with a great view at the coastline" a nowhere. Well, they do.
Did I mention how wild this all was or...?
I can bearly describe it. Just hectares of spacious ground, all overgrown with all kinds of Mediterranean plants (which smell amazing btw). With no one around. (I hate crowded places, so it was a para-para-paradise for me.) I just could wander around and just enjoy the nature and the silence.
But wait up, that isn't all. The coastline now.
The beaches, WOAH. This time of the year wasn't exactly the "tourists" season, so all of the nice places were, yes I say, empty! And this does matter. The sea there has all the prettiest colours possible, from the navy blue to turquoise, and as you can imagine it is extremaly clear. Yay!
The cities. Walking around some cute alleys there, that's what I could do all day and I wouldn't be bored.

Guys, I have found my happy place.
I'll post the outfits and some other random pics from there later.

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